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The United States offers many opportunities. Immigration has always played a vital role in the development of the U.S. culture and economy. For that reason, the government provides many avenues by which foreigners can work and reside in America and become citizens. If you are trying to gain U.S. citizenship, understanding immigration law is vital to your success.

What are the benefits of consulting an immigration lawyer?
Whatever your immigration concern, consulting with an experienced and skilled immigration lawyer arms you with the knowledge you need to decide how best to move forward with your situation. After evaluating your situation, your immigration lawyer can advise you on your options. He or she can also recommend when to take certain actions, advise you of crucial timelines, and educate you on U.S. immigration law.

For example, your immigration lawyer can explain the process for getting a green card. If you feel you may be a resident of the United States by birth, your lawyer can walk you through the steps of establishing citizenship on that basis. Your immigration lawyer can also educate you on all of the paths to citizenship, such as automatic citizenship and citizenship through marriage.

For some immigrants, permanent residence is the goal rather than citizenship. Your immigration lawyer can educate you on U.S. permanent resident law. This includes issues such as qualification standards, application process, deportation risks, and other legal requirements.

Working with your immigration lawyer, you can set a realistic goal. Once a goal is set, the lawyer then sets to work on achieving your citizenship, green card, or work eligibility.

Practice areas for immigration lawyers
Immigration law has many facets. To get the best legal representation, it is crucial to find a lawyer with experience in the specific area of immigration law you require. For example, if you are seeking a certain type of employment-based visa, finding a lawyer experienced with that specific type of visa increases your chances of success. If facing deportation, finding a lawyer skilled in deportation defense who can represent you at all immigration hearings can make the difference between deportation and a stay of deportation and eventual granting of resident status.

Here are some areas of immigration law:
Employment-based immigration: This part of immigration law deals with the visas that are required for non citizens to work in the United States. United States law provides for over a dozen employment-related visa types. Examples include H1B Visas for professionals, L-1 visas for managers and executives, and 0-1 visas for entertainers and people of extraordinary ability. Lawyers select the most appropriate visa type based on the highest chance of success based on their client’s background and skills.

Employers that sponsor workers obtain visas for them through the perm labor certification process. The Department of Immigration designed this process for both skilled and unskilled workers. Employers must obtain approval from the Department of Labor (DOL) before they are eligible to use this process. The DOL investigates the need for foreign workers in the company’s industry before granting its approval. Once certified, employers file visa applications on behalf of the prospective immigrants.

Family-based immigration: Immigration lawyers assist with immigration applications that are sponsored by a U.S. citizen or a family member of the applicant. For these types of applications, an immigration lawyer identifies any barriers to citizenship and works to overcome them. The lawyer also assists the applicant during the interview process.

Investor visas: EB5 of E2 visas provide legal status to investor immigrants. Generally, the investor-applicant must show a minimum amount of investment and job creation. These types of visas are complex and may include tax implications, so a lawyer experienced in this type of immigration is important.

Deportation Defense: In no other immigration law issue is a tenacious litigator more important. An order of removal is no reason to believe that deportation is imminent. An immigration lawyer can raise many defenses, including cancellation of removal orders based on hardship to family members or political asylum.

Immigration law provides many avenues to residency and citizenship. With a knowledgeable advocate at your side, you immigration application can be granted with minimum stress and worry.

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