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Consumer protection is a huge priority in New York City. Unfortunately, there are individuals who jump at any opportunity to defraud unsuspecting consumers.

Fraud against consumers occurs when a person knowingly and recklessly injures someone by misrepresenting the facts. Sadly, the debt collection industry is rife with fraud. Everyday there are people being harassed, abused and taken advantage of by debt collectors. A good consumer protection attorney will fight for your rights and help you explore all of your options.

There are a number of consumer protection areas where consumers may need help:

  • Debt Defense
  • Identity Theft
  • Auto Fraud/Lemon Laws
  • Class Action litigation
  • Telemarketing Robocalls
  • Disputes on Credit Reports
  • Chapter 7&13 Bankruptcy

Consumers should be wary that a fair number of debt collection agencies are fraudulent. Just because someone sends you a certified letter through the mail or call you on the phone stating you owe a debt doesn’t make it so — or legal.

Debt collection abuse is rampant in New York. In fact, it has gotten so out control that federal regulations have become toothless. It is incumbent that federal and state legislators and watchdog groups do their part in ensuring laws are being followed. Individuals or companies engaging in the practice of defrauding consumers must be hit and hit hard.

Any person who feels that they have been victimized by a consumer protection company should seek out the help of a professional as quickly as possible. Never give in to ridiculous requests of these companies. The only thing they intend to relieve you of is your money.

Some of the most egregious actions of these companies include sending false affidavits, threats to arrest consumers who fail to comply to subpoenas, threats to garnish checks and other illegalities. The good news is in accordance with New York Laws, these individuals can be forced to pay damages if found guilty.

Consumer advocacy laws were put in place to protect individuals who cannot help themselves. These laws are the only line of defense against individuals who seek to harm to innocent consumers via unscrupulous business practices.

Each year, the New York Department of Consumer Affairs receives literally thousands of consumer fraud complaints. Debt collection is at the top of the list.

If you are a consumer and been defrauded, know your rights. All citizens are entitled to their day in court. You are also entitled to receive fair representation and any money you were cheated out of returned to you.

There may be strength in numbers. On occasions where several people have been defrauded, a Class Action suit may be the best route. Know your rights.

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